Cattle’s healthiness is still a reason of concern for farmers. They always need to stay strong and healthy. We kept on researching and finding methods to increase the nutritional value and quality of feed for cows. Through our products, we aim to reach optimal nutrition for cows in the dairy industry. We concentrate on feeds that offer an adequate engagement of nutrition that supports milk production, digestion, and metabolic healthiness. Different species of cows have specific nutritive conditions that affect their development.

Rothes Feeds is well known for its Grade. All raw materials and concluded products are subject to stringent quality control analysis. All the raw materials are purchased on a Quality guarantee basis only. Raw materials meeting the quality specification are only used for feed production. The finished outcome that meets our quality standards is dispatched to the market.

Since 2004, we are in this business of manufacturing high nutritive cattle feed for our farm and farms in upcountry region. Our cattle feed enhance cow metabolism, improves yield, provides healthy diet for dairy animals and helps the immunity power of the animals.

Feed manufacturing unit is situated in Ja-ela, western province of Srilanka where 5 tons of cattle feed and calf feed is produced. Our products are recognized by VRI (Veterinary Research Institute) and veterinary doctor.

Future projects include supplying high nutritive feed to Mega Dairy Farms around the island.



100% Natural

No animal by products

Urea free

Enriched with nutrients

Environment friendly

Economically viable

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Dairy helps you live a healthier life.

We can provide you top quality products with nutririous

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